Avenatti unblocks Twitter and Reveals Third Accuser of Brett Kavanaugh

New accusations of sexually aggressive behavior and drinking made by Bethesda, Md. resident Julie Swetnick and a Declaration by her and her attorney posted on Twitter.


Avenatti unblocked his Twitter account this morning to reveal a new client and requesting that all who read be civil and respect her and her Family’s privacy, a scoff-worthy request considering the latest actions by the left towards Senator Cruz and death threats directed at Judge Kavanaugh and his family.

A sworn declaration released on Michael Avenatti’s Twitter account on behalf of Bethesda, Md. resident Julie Swetnick, accuses Judge Brett Kavanaugh of excessive drinking at High School parties she attended ten times or more. Mrs. Swetnick repeatedly points to Mr. Kavanaugh as a drunkard and aggressive deviant in his younger years. The letter presents the Judge and his high school friends as regularly partaking in frequent and unsavory, sexual abuses towards women.  According to the declaration she herself was subject of a gang rape by means of drugging during one incident.

Emails sent between Mike Davis, Head of Nominations indicated a miscommunication where Michael Avenatti originally asked several questions that went unanswered, Mr Davis likewise had been expecting an email back.

Michael Avenatti had gone radio silent and blocked off Twitter yesterday until this morning, Tweets prior to the above indicate accusations by Avenatti against Bill Mitchell, a reporter for the right, discussed the third victim as a possible 4chan hoax drummed up for the Attorney. Avenatti insinuated 4chan.com had been playing a dangerous game and Mr Mitchell disagreed.

Michael Avenatti pointed to Tweets forwarded by Bill Mitchell that are allegedly falsified. He wrote on Twitter, “So now you are fabricating tweets and sending them to your followers? This is how desperate you are. You, like your tweet, are a complete fraud.”

There was no response from Mr Mitchell, however from a post on AliveMedia.com seen here, a correspondence on 4chan.com in regards to this case did take place and while the story was circulated throughout the media, Mr. Avenatti has proven that whomever wrote the 4chan post was either lying or had been working covertly to throw off the media.

About Julie

The bulk of information on Julie Swetnick had been wiped clean from the web as expected, however the Internet consists of endless breadcrumbs. Alive Media has determined she was a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and potentially owner of a company named Interchange out of Bethesda, Md. The link leads to a number we attempted to contact but were met with a home voicemail.

We’ve also discovered an address by someone with her name in Maryland but choose not to publish it here, Mrs. Swetnick is 55 years old and her name is posted on the Chamber of Commerce as a Data Processing Executive (assuming it is her). This information is not yet verified.

Questions Arise

If Julie was in fact at these parties where repeated incidents of rape occurred one must question why she returned? If she had witnessed these “trains” by men waiting to perform sexual acts and did not report them does that make her complicit?

If the above letter is true and Brett Kavanaugh has been a judge for years, the alleged victims would be at fault for putting other potential women at risk. However, in the end, making unproven, salacious accusations from over thirty years ago do not make them true.

In this great country, statutory laws exist for a reason and despite what the left may believe, citizens are innocent until proven guilty.

We will update this article as more comes to light.


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