Bert and Ernie Come Out Again, This Time for Donald Trump

Bert and Ernie announced they joined the Walk Away movement in a surprise move to fans and friends. Their new Youtube channel has become popular with followers of Trump.


In a surprise move by a couple known to support the Democratic party, Bert and Ernie have taken to Twitter and Facebook to let family and fans know they have joined the Walk Away movement.

Alive Media caught up with Bert at an all-Republican gay milk and cookie bar called “Elephant in the Room” where the Minnesota Trump rally was in full swing on flat-screen TVs. Said Bert, “Ernie and I really are excited, to come out twice in one month after hiding for decades is life changing! But sometimes I’m sad, friends on Sesame Street have stopped talking to us. I wasn’t surprised when the Grouch called us Nazis but for Big Bird to flip us the middle finger? I couldn’t believe it.”

“Lucky for us we have encouraged other Sesame Street friends like the Count to show his support for Trump!,” exclaimed Bert.

When asked about his politics the Count responded, “Everyday I am counting the ways Donald Trump wins. Why would I not join in?”

After repeated harassment at work and picketers outside their own basement home at 123 Sesame Street, the two have become YouTube stars with such songs as, “Ice cubes for Kavanaugh” and “Win, win, win, we love you but we love to win”

With over 6,000 MAGA followers on YouTube the two are working on a website called “Make Sesame Street Great Again”. We’ll bring you more as this story develops.


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