Warning: liberal trigger

Only one of the best sketches ever. https://youtu.be/M68GeL8PafE

Bernie Sanders Embarrassing Moments and Policy Deflection

I was jumping around doing searches on Bernie Sanders embarrassing momentsĀ and I always find it awkward the difference in age. Bernie is like a...

Chris “Frankenstein” Cuomo’s Bias and Upcoming Scandal

The below clip from CNN is the perfect example of absolute bias by correspondents in the media as the Rachel Rye and Cuomo gang...

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CNN’s Jim Acosta under Fire for Racist Remarks: “I Hate Black Toast.”

Following on the heels of Megyn Kelly's blackface remarks Thursday morning, long-time CNN correspondent Jim Acosta was seen at a local morning diner laughing...

Elizabeth Warren Calls Christopher Lloyd to Go Back in Time and Discover Indian Roots

Elizabeth Warren has been on the search to prove her Cherokee blood after familial claims to a long ancestry of Indian descent. A recent...

Kanye and Trump to Star in Remake of the 1988 Movie “Rain Man”

The Fox Broadcasting company has requested Barry Levinson direct their much-anticipated remake of "Rain Man" featuring Kanye West and Donald Trump. The dynamic duo has...