Cathay Pacific Misspells Their Logo on Airplane

On their send-off event, Cathay Pacific Airlines discovered a rather disturbing misspell right before leaving for cocktails.

Cathay Pacific Airlines Released a New Plane with a Letter Missing

In an effort to emulate successful entrepreneurs in Silicone Valley, Cathay Pacific Airlines has outsourced marketing from their base in Hong Kong to Mumbai. After a proud launch of their new office, Cathay Pacific was nice enough to entrust the send-off event of their new aircraft to India.

During the celebration as the aircraft rolled out the only one to recognize the issue was the CEO’s nine year-old child who pointed at the six foot misspell in dismay. Executives of the company turned in shame, on hand to catch the flushed reaction of the missprint were an onslaught of photographers who turned out to be Japanese tourists from a neighboring plane to Tokyo. 

Bored Japanese Tourists Escape From Their Plane in Flocks.

Skeptics from a sister company Haecoand claimed the spacing and precision of the letters are too on point for it to be a mistake. 

When asked about the misspell “Cathay Paciic”, the VP for the Indian office replied, “I was hoping you would not notice. I am sorry, Anaya ate the F. We will need a new one made up,” when asked who Anaya was the VP replied, “My pet cow.”

The airlines claims it was a genuine mistake by a not very smart individual, he has since been relieved of his $3,000 per annum position and sent three months of rice and Indian naan as severance. 

Cathay Airlines, in an attempt to be cute, posted the following Tweet:

That employee was fired and shipped to India to live with the VP. He will be sent rice but no naan as sevarance.  

Customers while forgiving were unwilling to get on the plane while others took to social media.



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