Cecilia Vega Plays Victim then Tweets at Donald Trump – Who is She?

On Monday Cecilia Vega claimed victimhood after a back and forth where President Donald Trump, news agencies have gone on the attack to galvanize opposition.


A barrage of articles were released this morning in regards to an “attack” Trump made against Cecilia Vega, a senior White House correspondent for ABC News and one article from the Washington Press caught my eye. The usual “women hit back” narrative has become the byline of the day’s press.

A flood of Tweets surrounding the story trend the Internet.

If you’re not familiar with what happened yesterday you can see the video here:

To which she responded with a leftist proclaimed “clap back” which to me more resembles a pontificating quip.

What strikes me is not the attack, there is nothing new about Trump behaving aggressively towards the press, after a lifetime of being center-stage the President is well versed in the tactics of the media. Notable is the call to feminist arms that the President “attacked a woman” as multiple articles cite dog whistle phrases such as “disgusting behavior” and “toxic-woman hating” while following with hyperbole of “generational damage” to the country. It seems Trump’s attacks are the only ones with lasting effect.

Kathy Griffin Shows off Donald Trump’s severed head.

Which got me thinking, why would ABC hire a woman to cover the White House if she and they are sensitive about sexism? After all, isn’t he the most biased President to ever touch a podium?

If women are to be held to the same standards as men shouldn’t they expect similar attacks the President is known for without reverting accusations of sexism? In fact, the Presidency has a long history of aversion to the media, Presidents from FDR to JFK were notorious for playing word tennis with news outlets and Obama was no different:


Some digging around led me to various social media posts, Mrs. Vega’s husband Ricardo Jimenez, a retired California Highway Patrolman, can be found in pictures traveling the world, still-life photos of foreign cities and fancy dinners splash his page. Not all uncommon until images of anti-Trump rallies peppered with pink and white protest signs peppered the page, a label of one picture reading “what Democracy looks like”. Further searches revealed a picture with Barack Obama, Michelle, Cecilia Vega and her husband Mr Jimenez during Christmas inside the White House.

A personal affiliation with the ex-President might indicate bias but she is a reporter in the Capital, surely that’s no smoking gun. I wanted to better understand what set off the President to attack Mrs. Vega; Mr. Trump is a personable man and handy with attaching names to personalities. At times I’m surprised by his knowledge of each reporter within news organizations.

I began searching through Mrs. Vega’s Twitter feed and found clear bias, not so much in the Tweet’s contents as the continuous negative overtone keeping in line with the views of her network.

What I find seething is the pretty package ABC places in front of the President to galvanize news, incite a reaction and then play tabloid when that reaction is garnered. ABC wants the image of an all American girl, viciously attacked by a womanizer, sexism instilled in an expensive suit echoing the horrid values of old surrounded by old white men. The perfect still shot that victimizes a woman!

Yet while portraying her as a victim, ABC had no qualms placing her front row in the White House press briefing room surrounded by men. Nor does she take issue with speaking over them as she questions Sarah Huckabee.

We have all read numerous hypocrisies in the Democratic Party and the left as a whole. Uncanny to me is the inequity of expectations on one side of the spectrum, whenever a mirror is held up (as seen with recent allegations with Keith Ellison), the left’s equivalent indiscretions somehow disappear under a pile of headlines while Conservatives are left held to higher moral standard.



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