Cameroon Gov’t Denies Execution , BBC’s Three Year Investigation Uncovers

In 2015 soldiers filmed in a video went viral of children executed. the Cameroon government denied responsibility of killings but BBC investigated and brought them to justice.


I often hunt for the biggest scoop of the day, as fifteen hours are dedicated to just that what I unearth at times can be disturbing.

These Tweets were published today Sept. 24th, 2018 after three years of fiercely investigating the execution of several innocent women and children by Cameroon soldiers the story was named “Anatomy of a Killing”. The below succession of updates were retweeted 32,000 times and you will discover why.

I occasionally insert my beak where I have personally uncovered one or two gems of information. Note the below is NOT for the faint of heart, the video can be disturbing as it leads directly to the point of an execution. Luckily the stream itself ends on a positive note.

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Whoo! After that story I feel like I’ve given birth.

I’m currently investigating this further, check back tomorrow on this link for additional insights. I hope to find some specifics on those soldiers..


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