Christine Ford Has Not Agreed to Speak to Congress, DNC Donations Revealed

In a last-ditch effort to derail the vote for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, sexual accuser Christine Ford has not yet accepted to speak.

Christine Ford's Donations to DNC

Much has been revealed on the Kavanaugh case as details emerge around his accuser Christine Balsy Ford. A hearing had been set for the upcoming Monday but may be in jeopardy as Mrs. Ford has not yet set a time and day to speak in front of Congress.

To start, Debra Katz, the lawyer representing the woman Christine Ford of a teenage sexual assault, is the VP of the Project on Government Oversight — this a group funded mostly by Open Society Foundation, a George Soros Organization.

Documents were found in regards to Christine’s contributions to the DNC:

Christine Ford’s Donations to DNC

A few peculiarities have arisen and questions surrounding this last-minute effort to derail the election of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

  1. Mrs. Ford’s brother is connected to GPS Fusion.
  2. Her parents were in Bankruptcy, Kavanaugh’s mother presided over the case.
  3. Mrs. Ford is unable to recall key information such as where it occured and the exact year

One of the reasons statutory laws exist is to encourage women to come forward immediately but also to ensure that memories are fresh. Memory is not a snapshot, as time goes on specific recall erodes thus less reliable.

Mrs. Feinstein had this information up to six weeks prior to the release, why then would she have not brought this up when she questioned him under oath. He had already answered questions in reference to any inappropriate behavior and denied any past wrong-doing as a default in front of Congress last week.

What’s more, it would seem women on the left side of the aisle eager to take Mrs. Ford by her word despite any proof or one of these “four friends” who attended that party 35 years ago with her. Why are women so accepting of this politicizing and weaponization of the #metoo movement?

Kavanaugh has had his background checked six times by the FBI since 1993 and nothing happened, while the DNC is demanding a release of those records the White House is blocking that request and any additional use of the Bureau. The GOP continues to press the question why a letter so pertinent was not brought forward during Kavanaugh’s hearing.

The hypothesis of this writer is that the DNC wanted to determine which way the wind blew on the Kavanaugh vote. Once they determined he had a good chance they took one last-ditch, unverifiable effort to throw Brett Kavanaugh under the bus. What strikes me is the timing. Come November, elections will determine control of the House. It takes at least 67 days to elect a Supreme Court Judge. Should Democrats take the House, then control of Congress could result in calls for Trump’s impeachment thus temporarily ending any Republican nominee from ascending the chair. But that’s all conjecture.

For now, we have yet to hear from the accuser, if she declines to speak in front of Congress than GOP leaders have called for the vote to continue unhindered.


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