CNN’s Jim Acosta under Fire for Racist Remarks: “I Hate Black Toast.”

Jim Acosta has reared his lilly white head in a black toast rage that sent a sweet New York waiter crying racism.


Following on the heels of Megyn Kelly’s blackface remarks Thursday morning, long-time CNN correspondent Jim Acosta was seen at a local morning diner laughing it up with his television studio cohorts. According to locals when their waiter arrived to serve Mr. Acosta his breakfast the newscaster turned sour and immediately went on the attack, “Black toast? I HATE black toast! What half-wit heated this once fluffy yeast!”

The young waiter offered a PB&J as an alternative but the anchor recalled a previous news segment and immediately declined the tasty treat.

Racist peanut butter and Jelly

Alive Media was made aware he accepted milk however and is investigating.

After serious backlash by confused liberals protesting outside the company headquarters, CNN went on the defense presenting Mr. Acosta as a progressive but liberal groups immediately responded in kind: “We don’t care, he’s a white male.” CNN has cited their¬†internal “Progressive Freedom from Racial Retribution” agreement and stand by their employee.

Alive Media has found striking video from the mishap shown below. This story is currently developing, stay tuned as we learn more.





This story is a satire and not meant to be taken literally, all liberals were given safe spaces though it’s possible a CNN correspondent may have had his ego bruised.


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