Elizabeth Warren Calls Christopher Lloyd to Go Back in Time and Discover Indian Roots

Elizabeth Warren looks to make history by searching for her long lost Indian ancestors in the 1800's.


Elizabeth Warren has been on the search to prove her Cherokee blood after familial claims to a long ancestry of Indian descent. A recent DNA test found herĀ 1/1024th Indian-American and has proven to the Senator further bonding with her rich heritage worth pursuing.

In a moment of confusion, Mrs. Warren called actor and star of “Back to the Future” Christopher Lloyd to ask if the DeLorean DMC-12 was still working. Mr. Lloyd spoke with Alive Media, “She was adamant about finding her Indian tribe in the 1800’s, I had seen the news recently so I played along. I’m a bit wacky but that lady has lost her marbles.”

Mrs. Warren has gone missing and was last seen doing Peyote at a sweat lodge in Arizona. President Trump has assimilated a team of professionals he calls “The Andrew Jacksons” to hunt her down.


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