ESPN creates internment camps for players In solidarity with China

Facilities to hold reeducation classes and labor friendly tasks in order to assist sports players and coaches along in their political careers.

Making a better sports network for the people!

Cloverlead, Texas-After repeated dissension from members of the Houston Rockets to stay on message, ESPN management has begun construction of a “Recoaching Camp”. Placed outside Houston, the plush twenty acre farm will be converted into a dismal fifty room lock-down facility aimed at pushing NBA players and coaches along in their political careers.

During a ceremony to break ground, Chuck Salituro (Manager for the ESPN press room) excited about the project said, “Members of the NBA and soon NFL have looked for a place of refuge to express their political views, we hope to change their views completely. Inhabitants will enjoy extensive classes to review foreign policy broken up by lunches of white rice served in a cup. The Communist Party of China has been very gracious in allowing us to play games in their country and we want America to be a Chinese safe space. Today we mark the launch of our Team for the People or TFP!”

Dressed in the new TFP uniform of black and white stripes Daryl Morey kept a happy face for the cameras. Known for creating an international incident when he tweeted support for the Hong Kong protestors, Mr Morey was asked about his attendance to the new facility, “Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the greater good. At least we can still kneel for the national anthem.”


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