Top Kavanaugh Memes and Tweets are the Rage Right Now

Stop the world! I found a girl with a baseless claim!

With allegations a flurry around the election of the Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh by Christine Ford, a storm of mean Tweets and Memes are swirling around the Internet.

As my life consists of parusing the Internet to bring you the most up-to-date news on political topics from a right-wing point of view, I thought it might be a treat to give you a glimpse of the top rated Tweets and Memes I’ve come across today.

Kavanaugh’s accuser has recently refused to come forward to speak in front of Congress without the FBI first investigating the matter, since that’s no possible without the White House’s say so a standstill remains. At least for now.

The protruding elephant in the room is the fact that Mrs. Ford has brought forward no exact date, no place, no evidence and many are denying even being at such a party. The result? Some pretty fun Tweets and Memes:

Excuse the language’s true!

Kavanaugh Scandals, we just haven’t found anything to stick yet.

Could it be..

This one a bit messed up LOL

Donald Trump Jr posted a Meme of the note given to Feinstein

I think this kid would be ok if he joined the Democratic party, though..

This kid is marked for life, never run for office.

This amounts to what I have so far, I’ll be adding more throughout the day so check back later..


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