Kanye and Trump to Star in Remake of the 1988 Movie “Rain Man”

Friends and soon to be costars Donald Trump and Kanye West have hugged out an agreement to remake the 1988 film "Rain Man".


The Fox Broadcasting company has requested Barry Levinson direct their much-anticipated remake of “Rain Man” featuring Kanye West and Donald Trump.

The dynamic duo has given their thumbs up to star in the story of Charlie Babbitt, a fast-talking ladies man who’s estranged father just passed away. Kanye West will be co-starring as the politically correct version of Dustin Hoffman’s character Raymond, a gifted, soft-spoken autistic brother who enjoys counting cards and toothpicks.

Quote Donald Trump, “I think the idea is fantastic, I was telling the Producer just the other day we should make the poster say, ‘we’re really rich, and really challenged.”

When asked why the hesitation about Directing the film Mr. Levinson responded, “I’m unsure who should play which character, they’re both perfect for either role.”


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