Leftist Media Response: Trump Was Right, Spain HAS A Border Wall In Africa

Immigrants attempt to jump Spanish border wall in Morocco.

In their never-ending quest to set off hordes of hairy-palmed millennial, news outlets reported on more hearsay, supposed remarks by Donald Trump made to the Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell regarding his nations immigrant crisis. With nothing else in his own life worth mentioning at a luncheon, allegedly Borrell repeated to an attendee that US President Trump suggested raising a border wall in the Sahara in order to stymie tens of thousands of unwanted visitors each year.

Bumbling Dolt or Inept Ambassador?

Word has it the conversation took place when Borrell assisted Spain’s King and Queen to the White House in June of this year. He also recalled an embarrassing event during which an argument broke out between he and the royal couple; when repeatedly asked to translate by President Trump, Mr Borrell turned to him and echoed, “They want to know when the hunger games begin.”

As the issue of a border wall has been a long-time promise of the Trump campaign, one he is insistent on fulfilling, the President thought the idea worth raising to the Josep Borrell. According to the Foreign Minister when the issue of cost and feasibility of the plan was brought up Mr Trump countered the argument by asserting “the Sahara border can’t be bigger than our border with Mexico.”

Misleading and out of Context – The Left’s Way

As usual, media outlets have pointed out discrepancies in the statement, that while the US-Mexico border stretches 2,000 miles, “the Sahara desert stretches an estimated 3,000 miles across 11 countries through Northern Africa.” What they did not specify is where in the Sahara the President may have meant (esp when speaking to the Foreign minister of one country) or that Spain already has barriers raised in North Africa, namely the Moroccan cities of Melilla and Ceuta in order to divert illegal immigration. In 2005 when the immigration situation worsened a third barrier was raised between the two checkpoints costing Spain thirty-three million euros or roughly fifty million dollars.

What the media also failed to mention are the thirty-five thousand people that have passed over from Africa into Spain this year alone. Here are 1,000 friendly Africans attempting to enter Spain:

In October of 2014 nearly one thousand immigrants climbed the Spanish fence.

In a country of forty-five million that pride themselves on Universal healthcare and 1,216 billion euros in debt that has adopted a policy of free healthcare for illegal immigrants, perhaps a border should be discussed. Such things are for future generations to worry about; today the politically correct have won and luncheon gossip over months old brainstorming by the President is popular in Spain!

A website shows the constantly increasing debt of Spain.

To visit the rising debt clock of Spain click here.

Long lives the King! At least until the country gets their next credit card bill.

Side note: Alive Media sent a letter to Mr. Borrell’s office requesting the number of immigrants the Foreign Minister had allowed in his personal home but received no response.


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