Liberals protest protest the “N” word, shocked when told the history of word “Democrats”

Running out of topics to protest, Liberals move on top the "N" word entering Capital Hill only to find an indignant and history savvy Senator.

Liberals Protest N word

One hundred young Democrats took their hands out of other people’s pockets and put them in their own today long enough to brave the cold weather in Washington DC, the topic of the protest? History of the “N” word.

As the progressive movement hops down a long list of grievances that would make Chris Kringle blush, Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith was the target of the day as progressives hurled insults outside her office and chants citing, “History hurts, no more N word!”.

Senator Hyde-Smith emerged from her office with a book we’re now told was “Hooded Americanism”, a history of the Klan by┬áDavid Mark Chalmers from which she began to read: “At the 1924 Democratic National Convention the Klan was almost as much an issue as picking the presidential candidate, and a year later, the Klan paraded down Pennsylvania Avenue over forty-thousand strong in the nation’s capital.” The Senator closed the book and focused on protestors, “If you’re so concerned with the history of the “N” word, then why are you ok with calling yourselves ‘Democrats’?”.

The crowd fell silent as looks of consternation ensued, young people exchanged glances while processing what they have just been told. Alive Media was not present but has been told a Vox Media correspondent was mobbed with questions from a confused crowd on the edge of violence before moving on to the next topic of outrage:


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