Macron joins Hip Hop group in anticipation of retirement – first song “F#ck the middle class”

After his approval rating drops to eighteen percent, Macron forms a Hip Hop group to further illustrate his love for world culture.

Emmanuel Forms new Hip Hop group " le baiser"

With an 18% approval rating, a much-discussed new low for the French Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron’s future plans have been leaked in a discussion with his new friends. “F_ck the Middle Class” was a topic of discussion for Macron as a future potential hit, an admitted sequel to his favorite song “F_ck the police” by the 90’s hit group NWA.

Emmanuel Macron took a brief respite from addressing the recent violent clache with globalist protestors named the “Yellow Jackets” to shore up his dance moves. He was seen in a parking lot practicing dance moves with an old American friend and Obama confidant.


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