ALERT: Man Intentionally Rams Truck Into FOX LOCAL Fox Station KDFW

Madman rams truck into Fox News KDFW in Dallas before 7 am screaming "high treason".

Madman drives truck into side of building.

Earlier this week a threat was hurled at the Boston Globe, a largely conservative news outlet by a man who claimed by phone he would enter the premises and murder reporters. Today, a lunatic drove his truck into the side of a Fox News station in Dallas shouting treason. Dangerous are the days of reporting for the right.

Fox News reported: “A man intentionally crashed his truck into the side of the studios for FOX 4 in Dallas early Wednesday before jumping out of the vehicle and started “ranting ‘treason’,” the station said.

Journalists filmed the occurrence as the man unloaded boxes of papers from his vehicle and began throwing them along the sidewalk while announcing “high treason”. He walked up to the Fox News station windows, pushed the papers against the building and made exclamations about the Sheriff’s Dept., his exact words have not yet been made clear the to media.

The offender was taken into custody by police officers but left behind a suspicious bag later inspected. No one was injured according to local authorities; the incident took place before 7 am ET.

Fox employees evacuated the building, a few are said to be working covertly in order to, “keep the news on air from a secure location.”

“Scary moment this morning when a man drove his truck into our building,” reporter Shannon Murray said on Twitter. “We evacuated while the bomb squad is investigating.”



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