Mueller Releases Internal Communication Documents of Russia Investigation

Mueller's Investigation has been forced to release internal communication according to the FOIA that give a glimpse into handling of Russia case.

Alleged Mueller Internal Correspondence Released

Internal Emails released via Crowdsource The Truth and Freedom Watch of alleged emails from within Mueller’s office. Today, these correspondence are available for download.

Freedom Watch released texts that were obtained by the organization after a FOIA legal battle. The entirety of these documents were released by Freedom Watch and are available for citizens to share and journalists to report on.

As the Publisher of this website I cannot attest to the validity of these documents but for all intents and purposes they look legitimate.

Download Documents Here

The office of the Special Counsel did not release all documents, many remain missing though they were ordered by the federal judge presiding over the case. Thirty-four hundred pages give a look into Mueller’s office and how they operate, coddling elite media outlets that are overtly left-wing.

In January, Larry Klayman, a former federal prosecutor and founder of both Freedom Watch and before that Judicial Watch, filed a complaint with the Dept. of Justice under the Freedom of Information Act requesting any correspondence with the office of Special Council of Robert Mueller (Case No. 18-CV-88) with any media outlets.

Freedom Watch had once before filed complaints with the Inspector General (IG) requesting an investigation into allegations of criminal grand jury leaks by Mueller and his staff, as well as partisan interest as Democrat determined to destroy the Trump presidency.

Download Documents Here


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