Phone Calls from News Station fishing for Dirt on Kavanaugh

A Producer from one of the largest News Stations Calls an ex-classmate of Brett Kavanaugh looking for Dirt on the Judge.

Scott Bronstein CNN Producer

The individual who originally publicized the below video indicated a Social Network of choice threw her off almost immediately after posting the recording. Accordingly, I had to make the title of this article vague and begin with unrelated keywords.

Political ties bind the media, companies that control what we see and how we communicate begin working in unison towards what they perceive as a greater good. In the last 48 hours, a CNN Producer by the name of Scott Bronstein contacted Yale alumni from the class of ’87 looking to discuss ex-classmate, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Amy Dryden who posted the phone call did so on Facebook and was promptly yanked from the website.

Amy Dryden kicked off Facebook

The person who posted, Amy Dryden wrote on social media today. “Sender’s husband is a Yale grad and CNN is proactively contacting ‘87 Yale graduates who were in Pierson Residential College to try to dig up dirt on Kavanaugh.”

After listening to the audio I took it upon myself to give the phone number a ring.


Unfortunately, all apps must turn off when a call is made but on came a messaging service, Scott Bronstein, it’s obviously verified for you in the video.

Mrs. Dryden was banned for three days for posting this info, I have placed it here on a server in the hopes I can keep it up long enough for word to spread. From what I understand Google and Twitter have begun banning it as well.

Amy, a friend of the recipient, says harassment has begun in the form of social media messages, she posted a meme made in her honor.

The meme coercively offers up a $50,000 reward in return for factual information of Amy and her whereabouts.

A meme with an image of Amy after she and recipients of repeated calls fight back.

The phone number contacted by CNN is unpublished and they contacted her associate for days.

This had been posted prior to the two above Tweets:



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