Protestors Arrested In DC over Supreme Court Vote for Kavanaugh

Protestors arrested in DC stormed Sen. Bob Corker's and several other offices chanting, "We believe women" as the vote for Judge Kavanaugh draws near.


Inciteful protestors later arrested in DC acted as door stops yesterday outside the office of Bob Corker while chanting “We believe women” and “Corker vote no” referencing the upcoming vote of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court who is accused accused of sexual assault in the 1980’s by Christine Ford. 

The Capital Hill Police were forced to arrest dozens of the liberal zombies (56 in all), twenty-four of them specifically outside the office of Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker’s office. 

Upon realizing Bob Corker wasn’t in his offie at the time, the party of half-wits migrated down the hall to the empty offices of Sen. Susan Collins from Maine, a key voice that supported delaying the vote of Judge Kavanaugh to get testimony from the accuser. Sen. Collins is a moderate Republican whose vote will influence six others undecided in Congress. 

Protestors on Capital Hill Arrested in front of Bob Corker’s Office.

Outside of Collin’s office the protestors insisted Christine Ford, KAvanaugh’s sexual assault accuser, should not be put on trial and “please do not put a monster on the Supreme Court.” From what we understand that protestors University of Swing Dance had not offered him lessons in jurisprudence or law. 

Protestors also moved on to the office of Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Chuck Grassley of Iowa though no one was arrested at either of these offices. 

The fate of these bored souls has not yet been determined, certainly upon release they will return to their unemployed life of lamenting the election of Donald Trump. 


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