Senator of Maine Harassed To Vote Against Kavanaugh

Senator of Maine Harassed To Vote Against Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court Justice election, from direct voiced threats to packages sent to her office.

Susan Collins has been extorted and harassed to vote one way in the election of Kavanaugh.

Susan Collins,  the Senator from Maine, has come under fire in the last few days for her stance on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a potential front-runner to make the bench in the Supreme Court interviewed last week by Congress.  Susan, an undecided vote on Kavanaugh, has received the brunt of harassment due to her influence over other undecided votes such as Senators Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Donnelly of Indiana.

Who is Harassing?

The harassment of Susan Collins has included a great number of people visiting her office with testimonials on abortion, Planned Parenthood conducting focus groups on female voters in Maine and other abortion rights activists.  Also, employees at the Senator’s office have cited receiving 3,000 coat hangers by mail, a reference to alternative means of aborting a fetus.

Activists have gone as far as fund-raising as a threat to Susan that, should she not vote how they wish, will be paid to her competitor in the upcoming election.  Ms Collins was cited saying, “Attempts at bribery or extortion will not influence my opinion at all.”

Other more direct threats were made when the Senator’s 25 year old assistant was told by a man, “I hope your raped and impregnated.” Other advocacy groups such as Demand Justice planned to announce their opposition to Kavanaugh by turning up the pressure on the Senators from Alaska and Maine.

In a state that has a large Christian population, pro-choice advocates have no issue pushing potential descent in their direction. While likening the issue on abortion to a past-unified opposition to a repeal on Obamacare, Democrats are finding independent voters less engaged.

What does the Harassment look like?

One place opposition to a Kavanaugh vote was Twitter where a stream of followers to Ms Susan Collins wrote their opinion:

If Ms Collins should vote yes on Kavanaugh then she must be against diversity.

In fact, they proudly threaten her with a willingness to fund the opposition should she vote against their will.

Leftists have gone on to threaten Susan Collins if she is not willing to vote in their favor.

Certain Senators were good enough to condemn these actions.

We will see how all of this turns out in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!


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