Starbucks Memes Suck but THESE Are Funny

Starbucks memes are all the rage but I found very few that crack a smile. After hours of flipping through Starbucks pics here is what I came up with.


I keep seeing these blogs with posts on “Funny Starbucks Tweets” and the like. Problem is, everyone thinks they have a good sense of humor and paradoxically we all know that’s not true. Post investigation I determined Starbucks memes are created by teens that have little grasp on how to convey humor. They suck at funny.

Fortunately, I went down a Pinterest hole and finally pulled up a few that cracked a smile. Since Starbucks humor is so popular, I think a return to occasionally replace moderately funny memes with pics I believe take the cake is in order. I’ll periodically adjust the list to eliminate any suckdom.


He’s right, save yourself the money.

Fun fact about DiCaprio, his mother was looking at a Leonardo Davinci painting the first time little Leo kicked in her stomach. His agent later in life thought he should change his last name because it was too “ethnic”.


Have you consumed one of their specialty lattes? At times served thick as oil.

Starbucks Logo From the Other Direction

Actually, I think this one appropriately named, the worst part is the look of their toilet upon entering the unisex bathroom.

A Little Closer on Her Face Please

Big black guy in pink. ‘Nuf said.

As I said I’ll post more of these in the future so you’re welcome to return and check out my updated list. In life, I aspire to entertain your Starbucks addicted enjoyment.


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