Chris “Frankenstein” Cuomo’s Bias and Upcoming Scandal

Chris Cuomo, a star in the CNN Media Empire, has garnered favor by audiences across America, yet his bias is becoming evident. We look at one example.


The below clip from CNN is the perfect example of absolute bias by correspondents in the media as the Rachel Rye and Cuomo gang up on Cortes Steve a Republican  commentator at CNN and on the Hispanic Advisory Council for Donald Trump. The Media has been shown to be biased and CNN, while they used to be responsible centrists with hard hitting content, has descended into spats over which the middle-man has almost no control and the most emotional voice is usually the most valid. While their format is entertaining very little is learned and I come away more anxious than informed; I find this format is accommodating to a younger more emotional audience.

Last week leaks revealed Donald Trump’s concern over violence should Republicans win elections in the near future.  In an effort to highlight bias Chris Cuomo and Rachel Rye will only acknowledge violence by the right but refuses to acknowledge detestable acts by the left. You can see the video and Chris Cuomo’s Tweet and response:

While he might not endorse Antifa he certainly doesn’t condemn them either, Trump brought the topic up after violence perpetrated by Antifa during the last inauguration, you can see them flying the flag while breaking windows and destroying the city, mind you these are the tolerant, fun-loving ones obsessed with equality:

Really? You may not endorse this group but don’t grandstand against Trump supporters as the only group acting out. Though I’m a bit confused about this Tweet of his on August 16th:

Chris Cuomo gets pretty emotional in these I decided to dig a bit further and there’s surprisingly plenty about the guy online and his personal life. Look at the soulless, detached eyes of this man, can you blame me?

Of course, one can’t seem to run from the pervasive medium but what I found was pretty humorous. For example locking his child in the restroom while he relieved himself, someone should call protective services.

His family life may be a bit off limits but not when it’s thrown in the spotlight, I had not considered that Chris could be related to the Governor Andrew Cuomo! Digging around revealed a scandal between the Frankenstein brothers:

I’m thinking of researching a more in depth look into Chris Cuomo, as someone so influential yet ingrained in New York society, known for his drinking escapades while hobnobbing an annual 2.5 million dollar a year salary he may be worth a look. After all with a brother like this, I believe it may be my American duty.



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