This had my Dyin – Sept 25th, 2018

Sporadically I present a meme, video or article I find a hoot. If you're a Republican, Conservative or possess an emoticon of common sense feel free cruise my daily selection.


I have friends who bring random videos, memes, and articles to my doorstep, to find something that really makes you laugh is difficult though. THIS guy, however, had my rolling straight away, I really can’t tell you why either, I guess just the blatant disregard for musical talent in effect.

That had me searching around for other funny videos in white Hip-hop, I found the following, mildly funny parody of an “artist” named Tekashi69. Here is the actual Hip Hop individual Skittle teeth and all:


Those are two men in bathing suits, by the way.

And naturally, considering Bill Cosby was sentenced today, this struck me as a treat. Yes it is, good sir. Yes it is.

But how could he know it would be his undoing?

I’m starting to receive messages with submissions, if you have memes, videos or articles you find funny please feel free to swing them past me! Always looking for fun content.


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