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The entire day was spent sitting on my rear, mouth watering and glued to the television in suspense. Even the Super Bowl never had had the suspense, the drama, the scores of today’s high stakes affair. Senator Graham countered and parried, Christine Ford giggled high on caffeine, Legislator Sparticus even shut his whine filled trap after five minutes of yapping!

I decided to compile a tops list, parusing Conservative groups throughout Social Media I found some great memes, collected all the top Tweets and remarks on Facebook, used tools to find the most shared articles and threw in some juicy documents in regards to the Brett Kavanaugh accusations.

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Julie Swetnick having Financial Problems

The above is a document of prior debts owed by Michael Avenatti’s client, it would seem she has a history of financial trouble. Revealed this morning was a video on the Attorney’s social media with a journalist from Showtime staged as an impromptu and covert meeting in a train station with Julie Swetnick. I’m sure they pay well.

Ray Charles says Christine Ford is Lying!
Christine Ford is the 40 year old Victim.

Ok Christine, we’re going to prep you

I enjoy the amount of time and effort these artists must have put into the work, shows how passionate and strong they feel about politics. I’ve noticed as a Conservative there is much less artwork to enjoy while Liberals are inundated with anti Trump, anti GOP propaganda at a fairly consistent pace. That is why we savor and post on the photo gallery of most of what we find, you can scroll up top and see more when done here.

Here are the top Tweets I found throughout the day, most of these had likes in the thousands and while some are funny, many make valid points.

For the below Tweet by Scott Dworkin on behalf of the DNC I found it interesting they had tweet this towards the beginning of Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony. I suppose what he had to say mattered little to them.

Gotta love me some Ann Coulter!

The below was Tweeted a day ago and I am unable to verify if this interview actually took place.

The following is a list of top 10 comments from the most shared articles throughout Facebook. Many of them literally had likes in the thousands. Christine Ford during the trial:

1. You were raped and need a piece of paper to read off of?

2. I stand with Judge Kavanaugh!

3. Is somebody taking notes because this whole thing sounds like the next “award winning Lifetime movie”… The whole thing is insane! Accusations of sexual assault, impaired/flawed memory, drunken teens, wild parties, mistaken identity, and a political 3 ring has all the requirements.

4. She remembers every detail of how she left the house while assaulted but not how she got there?

5. Mrs. Ford meeting him (Mark Judge) at the store would have set off her “memory” and guaranteed a teenage girl that had a traumatic experience like this would have had an episode of panic and terror. Not just saying “hello”. Huge tale tale right there

6. The doctor is clearly at best a very disturbed woman – and I don’t think the 36 year old incident is the cause for any of her pain.

7. I love how Dr Ford remembers exact times and days 35 years ago but has trouble remembering how many lawyers she interviewed this past August, smh,

8. (On Julie Swetnick) The best one yet “I went to this party 10 or more times where Brett and these guys were gang raping girls I can’t believe I had to go 10 times before they got to me. It kinda made me feel that I wasnt wanted. I was almost ready to quit going but FINALLY I got my turn. Wheeee!!!”

9  Julie is two years older than Brett Kavanaugh. One article asked why was she still going to high school parties when she was two years in college?

10. I believe none of these Women. Their stories become more implausible,ridiculous,illogical, and irrational than the one before the other. Paid “victims”!

Here is a list of Articles that were spread throughout Social Media tens of thousands of times:

Two men say they, not Brett Kavanaugh, had alleged sexual encounter with Christine Ford – USA Today

Emotional Kavanaugh decries ‘circus’ and maintains innocence, as Ford testifies he ‘sexually assaulted me’ – Fox News

Brett Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford testify amid high-stakes, stark Anita Hill parallels – ABC News

A 10-year nightmare over rape conviction is over – Los Angeles Times article from 6 years ago about a man who spent 5 years in prison and his accuser admit he didn’t rape her.

Trump praises Kavanaugh after hearing, adds, ‘Democrats’ search and destroy strategy is disgraceful’ – Fox News

Republican senator on Kavanaugh accuser: ‘She’s an attractive, good witness’– CNN

The followings are relevant documents collected in regards to the trial. The following is a letter by Michael Avenatti to the Judiciary Committee once he realized the vote is happening tomorrow without testimony from his client.

Last, several GoFundMe pages happened to be active today on behalf of Christine Blasey Ford for what she claims is her “security detail”. That detail, originally estimated at a cost of $175,000 by the author of the Fund, ran up on a sympathy engine to what is now $457,061.

Christine Blasey Ford’s GoFundMe Page hits almost $500,000.

Apparently, this is the security detail she hired:

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