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The following document came to my attention within the last hour, please note this has NOT been verified. According to these pages a subpoena has been sent to Jeff Sessions to report to an address marked as the Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives.

He is to report by the 4th of this month with any and all written communication by Deputy Director of FBI Andrew McCabe with senior government officials including the President, the “Woods File” related to FISA order the surveillance of Carter Page, and all documents and communications share with the “Gang of Eight” in May 2018 related to the investigation of Russian interference of the 2016 election. 

I reiterate, this was just handed to me and it is listed on the official website. I believe this to be true but as of yet unverified.

Hannity happening as this post goes out:


The legendary back and forth between Donald Trump and Cecilia Vega:


Tucker Carlson today:

The following are documents pertinent to today’s news, these documents have each been gleaned from the Internet and the publisher of this website guarantees no validity to each other than our own research to identify the publisher of each.

We have verified that the law firm in the signature is, in fact, Christine Ford’s attorney and it would seem the FBI are giving them the cold shoulder:


Avenatti coming forward with another woman to verify his client’s story:

The below is a professor currently in the news for being kicked off Twitter, she was allowed back on after Twitter found she violated no TOS but an overwhelming number of people protesting the move resulted in her being banned.

The following is an odd one, posted by Sean David Co-Founder of it shows a signed letter to Senate Judiciary about Julie Swetnick, he claims to have met her at a party and her behavior was less than stellar.

Page number two is below page number one, then back up to page number three.



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