Why Nikki Haley Really Resigned as UN Ambassador – Tweets, Memes and Videos

Nikki Haley resigned her position as US Ambassador to the UN this week to officially exit by the end of the year, here is why she resigned.


A mournful departure of the American Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley came as a surprise to reporters, ambassadors and even Presidential aids on Capital Hill, rumors floated around the White House about Haley’s reasons for leaving.

According to the video, Mrs. Hailey and Donald Trump remarked on the departure as “time off” and planned since the beginning of the year. According to Politico, two people familiar with her line of thinking noted Nikki didn’t want her departure to be conflated with midterm elections or any results of the Robert Mueller investigation whose investigation into the 2016 Russian meddling is expected to conclude in the New Year.

“That’s what she (Nikki Haley) did best at the United Nations, she knows all the big players.” – Donald Trump

Ambassador in the Limelight

Haley is an advocate of the President and widely accepted by his administration as a strong voice that is not easily replaced. Indeed, she had several times defended her name when, after reporting on a Sunday news show that the US would be imposing fresh sanctions on Russia, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow stated that was not in line with the administration’s plans and insinuated Nikki might be “momentarily confused”. Mrs. Haley slashed back, “I don’t get confused”, a remark that resulted in an apology by the Director.

Haley was also potent in her attack on Michael Wolff who penned the Book “Fire and Fury” released in early 2018, the New York journalist had (allegedly) taken aim at the ambassador as engaging in an affair with the President calling it a “highly offensive” and “disgusting” insinuation. The attack played out on camera as Michael Wolff had a guest appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to find himself at odds with Mika Brzezinsky who claimed, “You’re slurring a woman, we’re done.” Start six minutes in:

Nikki and Donald

The UN Ambassador’s relationship with Donald Trump was a positive one though she had a history of contradicting the President with her outright criticism of Russia’s influence on the American 2016 presidential election calling it “an act of war”. As well, while Haley had expressed her mistrust of the women making accusations of sexual misconduct against the President, Mrs. Hailey made it known she believes each should have their day in court to be heard stating, “They should be heard, and they should be dealt with,” she said at the time. “And I think any woman who has felt violated or felt mistreated in any way, they have every right to speak up.”

Another sore topic had been Haley’s political ambitions, rarely discussed by the President but nodded to when she asserted on camera she would not be running in the 2020 election. New outlets have countered this notion such as the editor-at-large of the Weekly Standard when he wrote on Twitter:

He also referenced a move by French President Emmanuel Macron:

Nikki Haley’s Career

Another point of contention was that Nikki Haley had continued the position of a UN Ambassador outspoken with the media due to an introverted Rex Tillerson heading up the job of Secretary of State, when that role was again filled by Mike Pompeo who has a strong relationship with news outlets any opportunity for advancement diminished. Despite her inability to move up the President on Tuesday mentioned that he hopes she will return at a later time to a different post.

Nikki Haley spent a decade in public service, serving for six years as governor of South Carolina before assuming the U.N. ambassadorship. She has mentioned being a vocal leader in the party moving forward and a want to move into the private sector to make money.

A fair number of big names around the world Tweeted their support for Nikki Haley.

Fun clip: Nikki Haley fires back at the Palestinian UN Ambassador after insinuating she should keep quiet:

Nikki’s last personal Tweet as of this posting:

Other fund memes from this week:








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