ISIS Loads Violent Videos on Donald Trump’s Timeline

ISIS Tweets Violent Images at Donald Trump Today! VOTE!!

ISIS chose a playmate to tug on today: Donald Trump. A man with the handle @ba201019 took to Trump’s Twitter stream to advocate their delusion that the Incel group ISIL is anywhere near victory despite the obvious. A repeated five tweet stream showed images of a car turning down an alley in a beat up city before detonating.

True to form the alleged “social media professional” terrorist group forgot their audience, two videos in war slung fatigues speaks loudly in Arabic overlooking a war-torn city.

At the bottom of the Tweets, you can see a poll performed by us on people’s thoughts on ISIS and their Tweets:

These are actually two separate Tweets below:

Directly beneath I took a poll asking Americans what they think of these Tweets and ISIS, I guess I’m a bit surprised that their approval rating was that high! Perhaps it’s ISIS spreading the poll around the team so RETWEET AND VOTE!!



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