Spacey Sued for Sexual Battery, Democrats Fall in Love, Offer Mayor Position

Recently sued for sexual assault, Kevin Spacey is chosen by Democratic leadership to run for Office. Finally, after his eight accusations of sexual misconduct Mr Spacey is ready.

"Team Creepy" Kevin Spacey and Bill Clinton

In a move that shocked Senate Republicans a day after voting “no” on a Supreme Court seat for nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh due to sexual allegation, Senator Dianne Feinstein has expressed support for her long time friend and actor Kevin Spacey to become Mayor of California amid sexual accusations of his own.

In news today an anonymous Masseuse is accusing Kevin Spacey, 59, of sexual battery, gender violence, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.

Kevin Spacey in Obama White House:

Spacey in Obama White House slamming GOP to Press

According to court documents obtained by “The Blast”, in October of 2016 American Beauty star Kevin Spacey invited the Masseuse to his house, began the massage laying down, face up and immediately placed the masseuse’s hand on his groin. When the accuser attempted to leave the Malibu home, Mr Spacey blocked and assaulted him.

Instantly upon hearing the news, Dianne Feinstein picked up the phone and contacted fellow Senators to discuss an office position for Spacey in the State of California Democratic Party as a leader in the gay community.

Galvanized by the news, Kamala Harris and ex-employer, ex Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown rallied behind Senator Feinstein to nominate the House of Cards actor and defendant Kevin Spacey.

Keith Ellison personally contacted Mr Spacey on Friday to offer campaigning alongside the Hollywood actor. Finding common ground, the two giggled while comparing police reports and various bruises on lovers both willing and unwilling.

Keith Ellison’s ex-girlfriend Reports Abuse to Police and document

Senate Republicans such as Lindsay Graham expressed their anger after reading about recent accusations of sexual advances by Kevin Spacey in 1992 against then 14-year-old ginger albino comedian Anthony Rapp.

Ginger actor and pillow boy Anthony Rap.

When Senator Graham looked to Jeff Flake for support, the Senator from Arizona resisted condemning the move, said Flake “I would prefer an FBI investigation before doing so.”

This morning, Sen. Feinstein was seen in California having lunch with President Bill Clinton preparing to speak with news outlets about the exciting news. Only Conservative media decided to report on it.



This story is satire and not meant to be taken literally, no actors or politicians have been harmed in the making of this article though a few egos may be taken down a notch.




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