Why I Don’t Obsess Over Racism – Eric July on Malcolm X

Eric July discusses Malcolm X's influence on his personal views on Racism and why he doesn't accept the Democratic narrative.


Eric July is a Libertarian with a good following I’ve come to respect, I’ve watched his videos and I find this one refreshing. Mr July advocates for people within the black community to stop pandering to white politicians while discussing what white people think of them and I’m all for that as I see such arguments as actual empowerment for people of color.

Within this video you will find excerpts from Malcolm X that discuss small business ownership within black communities in comparison to the Irish. Decades past, Malcolm argues, the Irish came to America and with almost nothing pooled funds together, started small businesses which later became job creating industries. As Malcolm Little points out, at the time the black community spent twenty billion a year yet supposed black leaders did nothing to empower blacks to pool those funds and begin small businesses. He claimed that black people could not morally blame white people for discrimination while asking for jobs in white factories because black people would not take the initiative to start their own businesses.

I’ll admit this take on Malcolm X surprised me, I have read his autobiography which advocated for separation but, while it’s been a year since I read the book, I recall more focus placed on the racist white man rather than faults of the black community.

Hope you enjoy the video!



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